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  • Sally Ann Martinez's Testimonial

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    On February 8th, 2023, at 58 yrs, Dr. Chan performed my left Knee total replacement and and don’t regret it. Currently I am at 115 degrees of flexion and with help PT, I reached 120 degrees. Target is 120-130 degrees. I won’t lie, this recovery is very painful and slow, but follow doctors and PT advice for fast full recovery. Staff at Cypress Creek Surgical Center as well as the PT team are very helpful, polite and always available. Maria surgical schedule Maria answers your cocerns as soon as possible. PT phil is amazing. Somedays I really think won’t be able to do excersises and whatever they do, helps a lot to complete all and each time you feel better. Thank you so much for your service. For yrs told by previous orthopedic, that due to my age, surgery was not possible.

    I am the 4th patient of co-workers that Dr Chan attends from my company. As I saw co-workers outstanding recovery, walking correctly and even bending with no pain, I took the decision to do this process. He is the best. In 45mins was out of surgery with no pain and walking. Next say was in therapy and reached 100 degrees of flexion with no pain.
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